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Activity Reports of the Competent Authority

Pursuant to Section 7, Article 23, of the Federal Law No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006, On Personal Data, Roskomnadzor delivers an annual report on activities of the Competent Authority for protecting the rights of personal data subjects in the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as "Report").

The main factors defining the content of the Report are trends and main vectors of the development, and status of protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens as personal data subjects. The reason for this is an endeavor to make it as much up-to-date as possible, so the Report would reflect the current environment and be in demand for the concerned community: the general public, operators, and the expert community.

The main purpose of the Report is to draw attention to the observance of citizens' rights and legitimate interests related to personal data, as well as to the necessity of performance of duties in accordance with the applicable law. The Report also contains an assessment of existing personal data problems, which were identified by the Competent Authority while performing its activities; as well as suggestions for solving these problems.

The Report is arranged with due regard to the main functions performed by the Competent Authority, and is prepared based on information acquired, including without limitation, information acquired as a result of the following:

• State supervision and compliance control of personal data processing with the personal data legislation of the Russian Federation.

• Keeping a register of operators engaged in personal data processing.

• Consideration of appeals of legal entities and individuals.

• Efforts of advisory and consultative bodies related to protecting the rights of personal data subjects.

• International collaboration in protecting personal data, as well as information acquired from federal executive authorities, executive authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation, and public associations of operators engaged in personal data processing.

• Analysis of mass media publications.

The delivered Report not only assesses annual results, but also defines objectives, approaches, and mechanisms for further short-term improvement of the Competent Authority's operations.

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