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For the first time ever, Russia’s anti-piracy law has been used by a foreign copyright holder, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

August 19, 2015

Major international copyright holders begin to use Russia’s anti-piracy law to protect their rights, which illustrates the relevance and effectiveness of the law.

Roscomnadzor has received the Moscow City Court’s rulings on claims lodged by a foreign copyright holder, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The Moscow City Court has ruled to implement copyright protection actions with regard to 20 websites that are distributing the movie “Entourage” without the copyright holder’s permission or other legal authorization.

16 of the 20 websites have taken action to restrict access to the movie by now, and the remaining four have been ordered to do so by August 24 – or the infringing webpages will be blocked by the telecom operators.

Effective 1 August 2013, pursuant to approved additions to the Federal Law On Information, Information Technology, and Information Security (Federal Law No. 149-FZ dated 27 July 2006), Russia’s anti-piracy laws became applicable to television movies and motion pictures. Effective 1 May 2015, the scope of the law was extended to include protection measures against illegal posting on the Internet of any works protected by copyright and/or neighbouring rights (except for photographs and works made using methods similar to photography) .

During the two years since the anti-piracy law became effective, Roscomnadzor has received 401 rulings by the Moscow City Court with regard to 1102 unique web resources, of which 177 resources are currency blocked. Actions have been taken to block access to 689 works protected by copyright or neighbouring rights (563 Russian works and 126 foreign works), including 246 movies, 161 TV series, 19 other audio-visual works (video courses and TV shows), 153 works of literature, 3 software products, 84 works of music, and 23 TV broadcasts.



Time of the publication: 19.08.2015 17:22
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