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Roscomnadzor, copyright holders, and representatives of web search engines have touched base reviewing implementation of the extended version of the anti-piracy law

July 15, 2015

Roscomnadzor has hosted a working meeting with representatives of copyright holders’ associations and web search engines. The meeting, chaired by Maksim Ksenzov, Deputy Head of Roscomnadzor, reviewed early results of the implementation of the extended version of the anti-piracy law.

Between 1 May and 15 July 2015, Roscomnadzor received 91 court rulings for imposing pre-action remedies with regard to copyright-protected items. That includes 38 rulings for audio-visual works (movies and TV films), 28 rulings for TV programs, 16 rulings for works of music, and 9 rulings for works of literature.

Copyright holders noted the positive effect of the law, which had greatly encouraged out-of-court interaction between copyright-holders and Internet sites. For example, there have been very few lawsuits lodged against software product copyright infringements, and this is due to effective out-of-court interaction with Internet sites, which agree to remove illegal content.

Copyright holders expressed interest in Roscomnadzor’s interaction with mobile application platforms (for example, in removing extremist content).

Despite the Internet sector’s fears that existed before the enactment of the extended version of the anti-piracy law, the participants in the meeting said that copyright holders had no complaints against Internet engines.


Time of the publication: 15.08.2015 14:20
Last modified: 07.08.2015 10:58