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GE06 Agreement Implementation

April 8, 2015

A Regional Radiocommunication Conference held in Geneva in 2006 adopted a document known as the GE06 Agreement. It addresses planning of the digital terrestrial broadcasting service in the frequency bands 174–230 MHz and 470–862 MHz.

The Agreement provides for converting terrestrial broadcasting service from the analogue format to the digital format. During a transition period, scheduled to end on 17 June 2015, analogue broadcasting stations are entitled to protection from interference caused by digital stations. After that date, analogue broadcasting stations may continue to operate under the conditions that they do not cause interference to stations included in the GE06 digital Plan. From the above date on, analogue stations shall not be entitled to protection from interference caused by digital stations.

On instructions from the Government Commission for Television and Radio Broadcasting Development, Roscomnadzor has prepared a list of 9295 analogue transmitters to which the GE06 Agreement applies.

The General Radio Frequency Centre, GRFC, an organisation subordinated to Roscomnadzor, has checked those stations for electromagnetic compatibility with digital frequency assignments of countries having common borders with Russia (Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, and Kazakhstan).

The check has identified 1175 Russian analogue stations that are incompatible with the frequency assignments of contiguous foreign states. 177 of them may cause inadvertent interference to foreign digital broadcasting stations after the end of the transition period. The remaining 998 analogue TV broadcasting stations may suffer inadvertent interference caused by foreign digital broadcasting stations.

Preparation work is in progress with regard to such analogue stations.

Inquiries have been sent out to all the telecom operators with valid licenses, listing the television channels affected by the GE06 Agreement. The extent of mutual interference with foreign television channels can be determined through EMC testing.



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