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Head of Roscomnadzor considers it necessary to introduce significant administrative penalties for using the mass media for extremist activity

April 25, 2014

The head of Roscomnadzor, Alexander Zharov, called for strengthening measures of administrative responsibility for using the mass media for extremist activity. “The measures of administrative responsibility associated with significant administrative penalties would be more effective”, - he announced on Wednesday, 23 April, speaking at MediaForum of All-Russia People’s Front in Saint-Petersburg.

The head of Roscomnadzor believes that “in that case the intention of mass media holders and editors to publish from issue to issue the materials penetrating with language of enmity and hate in relation to different nationalities, religions, social groups would weaken significantly".

Mr. A Zharov stated: “One of the priority areas of Roscomnadzor is to prevent extremist materials to penetrate into mass media.” In 2013 Roskomnadzor has issued 23 cautions to mass media for the extremist activities and 7 cautions - from the beginning of this year. In total 270 cautions have been made for the last 10 years. The most of them (114 cautions) were made for incitement of national enmity, 30 cautions - for stirring up the religious hatred, 24 cautions - for rousing social discord and 40 cautions for the constitutional system overthrow statements and etc.

Mr. A.Zharov also believes that people and organizations which once founded the mass media and did not manage to organize its work in such a way as not to violate the Russian Federation laws must not be able to re-register this mass media. According to Mr. A.Zharov, the Roscomnadzor is ready to provide its full support to the initiatives for appropriate changing of the current regulatory and legal framework.

As the head of the Authority has reported, there are examples when mass media are consciously breaking the law and just after the court decision of banning immediately revive under a new name without changing anything in its editorial policy. “The founders of such editions abuse liberal notifying order of mass media registration in our country” he pointed out.

Speaking about the situation in the Russian media environment in general, Mr. A. Zharov expressed an opinion that “with regard to mass media in Russia, a legal framework has been created by now and, on the one hand, it is able to ensure effective actions against the spread of extremist ideas in the society and, on the other hand, – it does not allow any limitation of fundamental rights and freedoms”.



Time of the publication: 25.04.2014 21:08
Last modified: 25.04.2014 21:09