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CLARIFICATION given by Roskomnadzor regarding cartoons on religious themes

January 20, 2015

In view of numerous publications in the media and discussions of legality of publishing in the Russian Federation cartoons depicting sacred objects which affect feelings of believers, Roscomnadzor considers it necessary to give further explanations as the preventive measures.

The publications in the Russian media of such caricatures go against the ethical and moral norms, worked out over centuries in which people of different nations and religions lived sharing the same territory.

The position of state authorities, including supervisory and control over the media, with regard to the religious cartoons has always been straightforward and consistent.

Disseminating religious cartoons in the media can be considered by Roscomnadzor as offencing or humiliating for representatives of religious confessions and groups, and is qualified as inciting ethnic and religious hatred, which is a direct violation of the laws "On the Media" and "On Counteracting Extremist Activity".

The above position and law enforcement practice was formed earlier and was approved by experts and industry community.

So, in 2006, prosecutors and supervisory bodies in the media took measures to prevent the dissemination over the Russian Federation the cartoons published earlier by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. In 2008, the Russian edition of the “Newsweek” magazine (Moscow) received an official written warning for reprinting Prophet Mohammed cartoons.

In connection with the above, Roscomnadzor, while expressing unconditional solidarity with opponents of any manifestations of extremism and terrorism, requests the media of the Russian Federation to refrain from publishing cartoons, which can be regarded as a violation of the Russian laws.



Time of the publication: 20.01.2015 11:49
Last modified: 20.01.2015 11:51