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Results of work undertaken by ROSCOMNADZOR in 2014

December 26, 2014

Alexander Zharov: ROSCOMNADZOR confirmed the status of the main regulatory body ensuring the information security of individuals, society and the state in the Internet.

At the enlarged meeting of ROSCOMNADZOR with the participation of Regional offices, Mr. Alexander Zharov, the head of ROSCOMNADZOR, summed up and talked about the key factors of the outgoing year 2014: the joining of Crimea to the Russian Federation, the Olympic games in Sochi, the expansion of powers for the execution of the Russian legislation in relation to the Internet and a new level of control and supervision in communications.

Specifically, for a short period of time we managed to create the Regional office of ROSCOMNADZOR and organize activity of the radio frequency service on the territory of the Crimea Federal District. Work in the region continues. It is anticipated to complete the registration of mass media, hold a competition for broadcasting, license telecommunications operators, and implement the Federal target program on development of the Crimean Peninsula in terms of the construction of radiomonitoring stations.

During the preparation and holding of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi no failures were reported, and interference-free operation of the radio-equipment of the Games` organizer, participants and guests was provided.

The supervisory powers of ROSCOMNADZOR were enlarged with the entry into force of the Federal Law No. 398-fz, providing extrajudicial blocking of websites calling for extremism and unauthorized mass public events and the Federal Law No. 97-fz the so called “Bloggers Law’. Pursuant to the latter, ROSCOMNADZOR started to register the organizers of the dissemination of information over the Internet and the bloggers (Bloggers` Register).

In the outgoing year ROSCOMNADZOR actively cooperated with the Internet industry world leaders such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Alibaba.

By now Single Register of forbidden information contains more than 45 700 URL. 64% of websites were found guilty of promotion and distribution of drugs, 15% - of child pornography and 12% - of suicide. Currently the Bloggers` Register comprises 317 people, and another 187 are waiting to be added.

More than 60 000 network media releases were analyzed.

In 2014 the administrative burden on business reduced – the number of scheduled and unscheduled inspections decreased for more than 30% (for the period from 2013 to 2015, from 1707 down to 1163). Also increased was the volume of systematic observations (more than 15 000 events were organized for 11 months of 2014 against 14 500 in 2013).

To increase the overall level of control and surveillance activity in communications, a number of actions were taken aimed at improving the interaction between the ROSCOMNADZOR Regional offices and enterprises of the Radio frequency service. In particular, interconnection of their respective information systems resulted in triple reduction of the violation response time.

The Automated radio monitoring system – ASRK RF is fully operational in 2014. Since January ROSCOMNADZOR`s bodies controlled more than 450 thousand radio-electronic facilities and about 2.5 million radio frequencies, which is 77% higher than in the same period of the last year. Also the number of identified infringements of the rules and regulations in using the radio frequency spectrum increased by more than 24.5 thousand against last year`s 16 thousand.

Alexander Zharov particularly emphasized the increasing demand in data security in cyberspace.

Complaints about violations of rules of “personal data subjects” doubled as compared with the last year.

In 2014 the main tool for detecting violations became Internet monitoring.

New judicial practice concerning protection of natural person rights in case of illegal processing of personal data in the Internet and concerning the trial stage blocking of websites were elaborated.


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