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Roscomnadzor admonishes bona fide Internet resources from hosting at network addresses of CloudFlare CDN-service

April 14, 2014

The cases of entering network addresses of CloudFlare CDN-service into the Unified Register of the Prohibited Information have become more frequent. This is associated with the active use of this service by the sites infringing the legislation of the Russian federation. In attempting to identify the hosting provider of such web-sites the “whois” services point to CloudFlare ip-addresses concealing information on real location of the provider hosting this site in the Internet.

This fact makes difficult for Roscomnadzor to interact with the real hosting provider and actually excludes the ability to make timely arrangements to eliminate illegal information in order to restore access to the locked resources.

The CloudFlare representatives refuse to cooperate and ignore the Roscomnadzor official notices.

In the absence of reaction from the CloudFlare representatives a lot of bona fide Internet resources using the CDN-service became subject to blocking by the telecom operators in the territory of the Russian Federation.

In order to avoid such situation Roscomnadzor recommends to place web-sites on the platform of Russian hosting providers who faithfully fulfill the Russian legislation and which are able to promptly restrict the access to the Internet resources containing the information which dissemination in the territory of the Russian Federation is forbidden.



Time of the publication: 14.04.2014 13:43
Last modified: 14.04.2014 13:45