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Roskomnadzor has told educational institutions how to protect children personal data

October 7, 2014

On Wednesday, 1 October, 2014, Children personal data protection Day confined to Teachers’ Day took place in the Situation Centre.

Antonina Priezzheva, Deputy Head of Roskomnadzor, Dmitriy Sokoushin, Head of the local office of Roskomnadzor for the Central Federal District, the staff members of the Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation on child rights, the representatives of the leading universities of our country participated in the conference. Also the representatives of the authorities of the Central Federal District regions responsible for educational activities, teachers and the directors of educational organizations took part in this event in the video conference communication format.

Since May 2014 Roskomnadzor as the authorized body for protection of rights of personal data owners has detected 2027 websites distributed personal information on children and their parents on open access. The majority of detected resources belong to schools, kindergartens, foster schools as well as to municipal formations and administrations of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

The disclosed data contained the lists of not only pupils themselves with the indication of their initials, birthdates and places of residence but also the information on social status and their parents occupation and their belonging to one or another of citizen categories.

Child personal data is often published on open access as part of accomplished competitions, Olympics or contest reports.

Roskomnadzor and its local offices submitted near 2000 requests regarding children data deletion to the website holders.

Antonina Priezzheva, Deputy Head of Roskomnadzor, underlined that the detected infringements are not the evil design but a mistake arisen in respect of the incorrect representation of the certain provisions of the federal law “On the personal data”. “We frequently drew attention of the organizations that personal data processing must not be excessive in relation to the aim of this processing even if there is an individual agreement of parents, – said Deputy Head of the Federal Service. – We always should remember that intruders having free access to the information on social status, civil condition can take advantage of the situation and commit unjustified invasions to private life and the health of a child or his family”. The comprehension of processing aim is the central point in case of personal data processing.

The issues on improvement of children and their parents’ media literacy as well as the need of more responsible attitude to children personal data on the part of people who directly work in the educational sphere were discussed in the conference.

In August 2014 Roskomnadzor supported the 6th Russian national website contest for children, teenagers and young adults “Positive content 2014”. As part of the contest the special nomination for Internet resources, practiced safe personal information processing of children and teenagers and also dedicated media literacy issues was produced. As part of Children personal data Day Andrey Vorobiev, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of website contest “Positive content”, announced that applying for this nomination was prolonged for 2 weeks until 15 October, 2014.



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