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In four months the Roskomnadzor has revealed about 2500 websites disseminating personal data of children in open access

September 3, 2014

Since May, 2014 the Roskomnadzor has systematically monitored the Internet for the purpose of identifying the websites which illegally disseminate personal data of children and their parents in open access. About 2500 websites infringing the provisions of the Russian Federation Law On Personal Data with regard to minor citizens were revealed during this time.

The Roskomnadzor forwarded more than 800 demands to educational institutions for the removal of data on children. The Roskomnadzor territorial bodies continue now the work on forwarding the demands. As of today more than 300 websites removed the illegally placed information. The information on the removal continues to arrive so far.

In August, 2014 the Rosobrnadzor (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation) joined the Agreement on Cooperation of Government Authorities in implementing its powers in the sphere of rights protection of personal data subjects.

The Agreement provides for, in particular, the possibility of agreeing with the Roskomnadzor on drafts of international agreements addressing personal data. Signers of the Agreement will also inform the authorized agency for personal data protection about legislation infringements in this sphere revealed in the course of execution by agencies of their powers.

The Roskomnadzor, in turn, commits itself to advise the authorities who signed the document on the matters related to the enforcement of personal data subjects’ rights.

It is to be recalled that the Agreement was developed by the Roskomnadzor and was submitted for signing by government agencies on April 28, within the enlarged annual Roskomnadzor board meeting. The Agreement was signed by the Roskomnadzor, Russian Central Election Commission and Federal Bailiff Service of Russia. It was thus declared that the Agreement was open for signing by government agencies by sending corresponding initiatives to the Roskomnadzor.



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