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Torrent trackers – “long-livers” of “anti-piracy” register are unblocked

July 3, 2014

Considering that the administrations of Internet sites:, and have taken measures for restriction of access to the movies with copyright violation, the Roscomnadzor decided to unblock the above resources.

Provisional measures on claims of copyright holders against the popular torrent trackers have been taken by the Moscow City Court during the first months of Anti-Piracy Law enforcement – in August and September 2013.

Within the legal period and on the basis of judicial acts in force, the Roscomnadzor forwarded electronic notifications to the hosting providers and administrations of resources:, and demanding the removal of illegal content.

Due to the long-term disregard of legal requirements of the supervisory authority, in 2013 an access to the above resources was restricted by telecommunications operators in the territory of Russia.

In June 2014 following the results of interaction with the administrations of the mentioned Internet sites it was found that the above resources have removed all illegal content stipulated by the issued judicial acts.

At present, an access to the above Internet sites is not restricted. However, the Roscomnadzor experts continue systematic monitoring of these sites to prevent repeated placing of “pirate” video content.



Time of the publication: 03.07.2014 13:03
Last modified: 03.07.2014 13:04