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The Roskomnadzor has revealed more than 200 sites disseminating personal data of children in open access

June 2, 2014

In May, 2014 Roskomnadzor carried out systematic monitoring of the Russian segment of the Internet resulted in revealing more than 200 sites disseminating personal data of minor Russians and their parents in open access.

The revealed sites which placed personal information on children belong, as a rule, to schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, as well as municipalities and administrations of a number the Russian Federation constituent entities.

The detected data contained lists of boys and girls of kindergartens and nursing homes, pupils of schools with indication of their full names, dates of birth, places of residence, as well as information on the social status of parents and their belonging to one or another category of citizens entitled to benefits. This refers to large families, single mothers, jobless parents, children of law enforcement officers, children of judges, children without parental support. One of the sites of educational institutions published a list of children sent to the psychoneurological commission.

The Roskomnadzor acting as a government authority to protect personal data of citizens of the Russian Federation sent in May, 2014 more than 100 demands to site owners for the removal of data on children. The information was received so far from owners and hosting providers of about 80 sites that the said data had been removed.

The placement of personal information of Russians in the Internet does not answer the purpose of its processing and is qualified as dissemination of information to an unlimited group of people in the public information source. Such actions violate the law of the Russian Federation on personal data. The special-purpose department of the Roskomnadzor continues its work on identification and suppression of dissemination in open access of personal data of minors and members of their families.

In some cases hosting services to websites of educational institutions where personal data of children had been placed were provided by the foreign companies operating in the jurisdictions of foreign countries not being participants of the Convention of the Council of Europe ETS No. 108 and not providing adequate protection of personal data subjects’ rights. Thus, a cross-border transfer of personal information of Russians was performed to the territory of the countries not capable of providing the necessary level of its safety (a list of such countries is determined by order of the Roskomnadzor basing on the analytical assessment made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation). According to the existing Russian legislation such data transfer is possible only in exceptional cases. The Roskomnadzor directed to the site owners performing the cross-border transfer of personal data of minor Russian citizens the demands that they should confirm the legality of such transfer. The owners of Internet resources who fail to present the required confirmations may be held administratively liable.

The dissemination in open access of personal information of minors can lead to adverse effects for children and their parents connected with illegal infringement of private life of family, health and sexual inviolability of children.



Time of the publication: 02.06.2014 13:37
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